The landscape of Australian relationships has been changing over the last couple of decades. In the early 90’s around 54% of marriages were between people who had been living together prior to the big day. Fast-forward to 2010 and that figure becomes approximately 80%. As a culture we have been shifting the way that we approach our relationships, and what the timeline looks like. More significance has been placed on the day that ‘we moved in together’ as a defining relationship milestone.

Some of my most enjoyable days doing furniture removals  here in Adelaide were the days when we were moving two  lovers in together for the first time. People are an empathic  and social creature, when we are working in an  environment filled with love, hope and excitement it tends  to have a ripple effect on the way we experience the day.

From the moment our truck arrives at the first pick up, and we see a couple filled with excitement for the future that they are about to build together, we know it is going to be a good day. As we load the first house into the front of the truck we pack it in as tight as possible, so that we will have space for the next house to be loaded into the back. What would have been two small jobs becomes one large job, as the two households become one.

We Are Gathered Here Today

Often friends and family are there, to lend a hand or simply share in the moment. In a way we furniture removalists have become the quasi celebrants of the modern way that Australians celebrate love. Moving day becomes ‘our big day’, and our profession is to make sure that the proceedings are conducted in a smooth and enjoyable way with full respect to the sacred moment it represents!

There is often more furniture than what is needed, luckily we offer safe storage options for the extras, this way you both rest assured that his stuff is stored safely!