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Complete Removals?

Complete Removals is a world-class moving company with over 15 000 happy and satisfied clients that have named us “Adelaide’s Friendliest, Most Trusted and Reliable Removalists”

Are You Feeling Stressed Out and Completely Overwhelmed at the Thought of Moving?

FINALLY: A Moving Company with a PROVEN Track Record of Executing Perfect Stress-Free Moves, Guaranteed!

Moving CAN be an Easy (and Believe it or Not) ENJOYABLE Experience – When You Work with Experienced, Professional, Dedicated Removalists Who Know Exactly What They’re Doing!

Say Good-Bye to Your Worries with a Perfect Stress-Free Move – only with Complete Removals!

If you’re preparing to relocate, odds are at least some of the following will strike a chord:


  • You’re overwhelmed thinking of all of your moving-related “to-dos” and logistics – and you don’t know where your responsibilities (and the responsibilities of the removalists) begin and end.
  • You don’t feel you can truly trust removalists to handle your possessions with care and caution.
  • You worry about your items being damaged or going missing during the moving process, and don’t want to risk “losing” something of value.
  • You feel uncomfortable allowing strangers into your home and around your loved ones.
  • You’re nervous about the cost of your move – you don’t know how to find “fair” pricing for a reliable company, and you DEFINITELY don’t want to be surprised with unexpected costs and fees.
  • You’re anxious about the entire experience! Can you depend on removalists to actually show up on moving day (you may have heard horror stories about this), and do what they’ve promised to do?

At Complete Removals, we understand.

In fact, we know that moving is considered to be one of the top 4 stressors in life!

FREE Moving Guide

15 Critical Questions is all that stands
in the way of total peace of mind.

This report will arm you with the questions you NEED to ask in order to feel comfortable you make a wise decision. In this FREE report you’ll learn:

  • How to avoid becoming a target
  • How to avoid nasty and very costly mistakes
  • How to identify misleading information
  • How to avoid confrontation with unethical removalists

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Complete Removals movers wheeling boxes through a hallway.

Specialised wall padding
for added protection

What if You Could Rest Easy, Knowing Your Move Is in the Very BEST Hands – from Start to Finish?

There are many moving companies out there for hire, and we know our competition – we’ve seen how they gouge customers with pricing, underquoting or hidden fees. We’ve seen unbelievable damage to items resulting from improper handling. We know what happens when these moving companies hire unprofessional, unreliable removalists who lack training and experience. The list goes on and on…


That’s Why at Complete Removals, We Have Developed and Implemented a REVOLUTIONARY Moving System that Sets Us Entirely Apart from Any Other Moving Company in Australia!

We not only guarantee a perfect stress-free move – we treat you like family! And we have over 14,000 happy and satisfied clients since 1998 to prove it. We are proud of our track record, and believe it’s a true testament to the level of service we provide.

We pride ourselves on taking the stress out of your move. Count on us to tackle all of the logistics – it’s OUR job to worry about the details, so you don’t have to!

With Complete Removals, you get:

  • Peace of mind – we have it ALL covered – with an experienced team of removalists who will always go the extra mile to provide you with the best experience possible
  • Clarity – we offer fixed pricing (no surprises here!) and open lines of constant customer service communication – we’ll happily answer every question you have, so you know exactly what to expect
  • Reliability – we use top-of-the-line equipment, packing materials and moving vehicles to properly handle all your belongings, and the best staff in the industry – from our customer service team to the actual removalists – ready and waiting to meet your every need
  • Efficiency – we do what we promise, when we promise it – and we do it BETTER than the rest
  • Trustworthiness – we ARE the preeminent experts in our industry – and we only hire the BEST removalists out there (complete with background checks!)

Are YOU ready to enjoy a superior moving experience?

From our first communication to the unpacking of your very last box, Complete Removals will provide you with the professionalism and expertise you expect and deserve.

Your search for the perfect moving company ends here.

Complete Removals – a Perfect, Stress-Free Move, Guaranteed!


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