The Best Suburbs To Live In Sydney

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One of the most incredible things about searching for a place to live in Sydney is its suburban diversity. Various choices, such as the charges, schools, sceneries, nature, safety, and transport, give you the privilege to select a place that meets your standards.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Suburb

Determining your ideal suburb to live in takes more than just a ‘comfortable feeling’. Several factors affect both your quality of living and the value of your future home.

Here are some variables to consider when hunting for a home.

  • Affordability

No matter your pay grade, living within your means should be a priority. Affordability involves more than just rental expenses. Food prices vary significantly from town to town. Gasoline prices, as well as utility services like water, electricity, and taxes, also vary.

  • Security

I know you don’t want to live in a high-crime area, but that doesn’t mean there’s a utopian suburb where crime never occurs. Before settling on a particular suburb, ensure you’ve researched the crime rates and statistics.

Once you move in, pass by the local police station to discuss your new surroundings. The police will be glad to assist in case you have any concerns about the neighbourhood.

Just keep in mind that just because the neighbourhood is safe today doesn’t assure you it will be safe in the future. The lasting stability of a community is a significant determining factor of your surroundings’ safety.

  • Means Of Transport

Access to public transport and major roads is another appealing factor to consider. Mostly, if you’re renting a home, you may rely on public transport to commute. Having buses, ferries, or trains within walking distance is an essential selling point. If you drive, easy access to major roads should be paramount.

  1. Proximity To Central Business District (CBD)

If your job is within the CBD, you want convenience at your doorstep. The time you take to get to work can be a significant factor in the decision to move to a new area. You don’t want to get to work late. Besides, the closer you’re to the CBD, the higher yield you will receive generally.

  • Local Amenities

It’s always convenient having local amenities nearby, no matter where you live. These amenities can include recreational centres, shops, public transport, and parks. A suburb with basics at a shouting distance will make your life easier and improve your potential for growth in the distant future.

  • Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities are vital at any stage of life, but they are more critical if you have small kids or aged people in your home. Easy access to hospitals can significantly improve your life quality, so check out for suburbs with excellent hospitals and medical schools. Often, there’s a correlation between pleasant suburbs and excellent healthcare.

  • Schools

If you have kids, a great school will be your utmost priority when relocating to a new area. Excellent schools will not only benefit your kids, but you as well. Many families seek areas with excellent schools, thus ensuring property growth.

Best In North Sydney

North Sydney is one of the least known fractions of Sydney. It is located in the north of Sydney Harbour, a small version of the CBD. It has excellent shopping centres, pubs, parks, and the iconic Luna Park. Some of the best suburbs here include Cammeray, Milsons Point, Neutral Bay, McMahons Point, and Kirribilli.

It is a neighbourhood for growing professionals working around or in the CBD.

Best In Western Sydney

Western Sydney has reliable suburbs. Some of the most common ones include Harris Park, Parramatta, Rose Hill, Mays Hill, Berala, Auburn, Granville, and Westmead. They are close to employment hubs, are accessible as they have excellent bus links and trains, shops, schools, great restaurants, vibrant cultures, and low crime levels.

Telecommunication coverage is also strong in suburbs such as May Hill, Harris Park, Parramatta, Auburn, and Rose Hill.

Best In Inner West Sydney

Almost everyone in Sydney has a story to tell about the Inner West. Whether it’s a place of residence, entertainment, local and international food at a reasonable price or just a simple drink.

Some top Inner West suburbs include Summer Hill, Stanmore, Five Dock, Balmain, Newtown, and Rhodes, among others. Inner West Sydney has plenty of access to great streets, excellent schools, and a chilled vibe making it a top choice for suburbs.

Best In East Sydney

East Sydney has some of the safest suburbs with easy access to influential schools, safe playgrounds, parks, and healthcare facilities. Aside from all those, you’d also have world-class beaches on your doorstep if you lived in this area.

Some of these suburbs are Clovelly, Randwick, Coogee, Woollahra, and Queen’s Park.

Best In South Sydney

South Sydney has grown in great demand for families because of affordable housing, big open spaces, and a relatively average lifestyle. For this reason, the population here has seen a growth of nearly 80%.

You have no excuse not to live in a great suburb if you can buy a 4-bedroom family house with a backyard at only $1 000 000. Some of the best suburbs in South Sydney are Beverly Hills, Bardwell Valley, Bexley, Carlton, Hurstville, Blakehurst, etc.

Best For Families

There isn’t a particular suburb ideal for you if you have a family. It all depends on your requirements. Maybe you prefer excellent schools, healthcare facilities, or just a friendly neighbourhood with lots of green space and café culture.

Whatever your preferences are, ensure you research a suburb thoroughly before purchase. Some of the best family suburbs are:


Newtown comprises cool restaurants, thrift stores, and fashionable people. It neighbours Sydney University, an excellent health facility, and the community is full of friendly people. It only takes 15 to 30 minutes to get to the CBD using public transport, depending on the time of the day.

Newtown is a progressively developing area, but it has some downsides. First, the rent is relatively high. And its proximity to the CBD also means it can be loud and vibrant living in Newtown; thus, if you’re searching for a quiet place, it may not be an option.


Camperdown is the only place where you can find the oldest and well-known health facilities, like the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. It is also close to the University of Sydney and the Light Rail.

Besides, it’s only 10km away from the CBD, meaning you take less than 10 minutes. However, in Camperdown, there is no direct train station, and they have overpriced apartments here.


Glebe is surrounded by river bays and parks and is close to the University of Sydney, Victoria Park, and UTS, thus a higher value to your property. Its excellent transport links to the CBD, making it ideal for professionals and families with kids.

Best For Students

If you’re a student, it’s plenty evident that you will prefer an area close to your school or one that has excellent transport links to your school. Here are some suburbs that may be ideal for you:


Enmore is one of the most beautiful suburbs in the Inner West. It is rich in street arts, Victorian terraces, and lots of parks where you can spend time with your friends. It also has many great places for drinking and food, all within walking distance.


Kingsford is surrounded by outstanding facilities, including UNSW, Precinct Hospital, and an excellent transport network right at your doorstep. Besides, it is a six-minute drive to Westfield East gardens. Its closeness to schools and the city makes it ideal for students.


Ultimo offers a relaxed lifestyle and is close to schools and beaches. Its public transport is excellent, and the fact that there are excellent Universities makes it ideal for students.

Best For Young Professionals

Several suburbs in Sydney offer ideal entertainment for growing professionals willing to live close to the CBD as well as in the inner suburbs. Some of these suburbs include:


Paddington offers plenty of lovely things and activities to do, such as mixed dining and drinking. It is also relatively easy to access the city from here. While it’s quite expensive to live here, it offers decent studios and one-bedroom apartments ideal for young professionals who are mostly single or without families.


Darlinghurst is located within walking distance from the CBD. It has excellent bars, cafes, and boutiques ideal for a young professional. It’s close to Paddington and has easy access to Oxford Street and the King’s Cross Station.


Balmain is amazing. There’s so much history, unique buildings, and sandstones. There are parks, churches, and walking paths in the harbor.

It only takes 20 minutes to get to the CBD, either by bus or ferry. Balmain also has weekend markets and Jazz bands alongside other low-key social events ideal for young professionals.

Best For Retirees

Retirees consider three main things when choosing their residential area; affordability, lifestyle, and equity creation. Here are some Sydney suburbs that meet these requirements:


Bayview is near the ocean and attractive waterways such as Pittwater and has easy access to the CBD. If you value nature, this is the ideal suburb for you. Besides, it is still developing; thus, a nice place to invest your retirement benefits.

Pennant Hills

Pennant Hills is a great suburb. From here, you can easily access Pennant Hills Train station and Thorn Leigh. It has excellent transport options. It has a small library and a village shopping area. This makes it ideal for you as a retiree who would want to invest their retirement benefits.


Penrith is situated close to the Penrith train station and Westfield. It is also very secure with people always minding their own business, but also quite friendly and helpful.

Unfortunately, there are so many pigeon-hole apartments in Penrith that may ruin its profile as well as its real estate market value. If you’re a retiree, this is the best place to build equity. You can start by building a decent house and improve the profile of this area.

Sydney Is A Place for Everyone

Whether you’re a student, a young professional, a family man, or a retiree, there’s always a perfect suburb in Sydney for you.

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