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Screw business as usual” —Richard Branson

Corey Smith
Founder and CEO of Complete Removals

Gone are the days of businesses taking, taking and taking and giving nothing back to the planet, to people in need and making this a better more sustainable place in which to live. Complete Removals is a proud Partner of Buy 1 Give 1 (B1G1), an amazing group of businesses and companies around the world dedicated to making our world a better place and changing the way business is done for good. And when we give through B1G1, the full 100% of what we give goes directly to the projects that we choose. It’s very cool!”

Corey Smith
Founder and CEO of Complete Removals

Complete Removals was founded
in 1998 by Corey Smith
That’s him, on the left of that Grand Piano

Corey Smith has always believed in – and lived by – the Aussie hard-working spirit that built this country – and it is with this ideal that he founded Complete Removals – A Perfect Stress-Free Move, Guaranteed! – the pre-eminent moving company of Adelaide. It is his mission to provide his customers with a superior level of service throughout what is typically considered one of life’s most stressful occasions: relocating.

Corey is dedicated to changing the way people think about (and experience) the moving process, by focusing his efforts on “going that extra mile” in order to eliminate the sense of being overwhelmed, the anxiety and the issues commonly associated with relocating.

Like many people, Corey and his wife experienced first hand the stress and complications that are so commonly associated with moving. This came about  when they bought their first home in 1997. Their efforts to secure a trustworthy, well-known, experienced moving company proved fruitless when moving day arrived and concluded with damaged furniture, dents and scratches to their new home, broken mirrors – and broken promises. In fact, the entire process took nearly twice as long as their estimate had indicated! Even worse, he and his wife were forced to take over and do their best to guide the process, instead of being able to rely on the “professionals” they thought they hired to handle their relocation.

Needless to say, it was a terrible experience – one that Corey realized countless others were suffering through also. Inspired to provide what seemed to be impossible to find – a reliable, professional, trustworthy moving company, Corey founded Complete Removals in 1998, finally making a stress-free move a welcomed reality for countless customers.

Now, 16 years later, Complete Removals has developed a revolutionary moving system that sets them apart from every other moving company in Australia. They have proudly served more than 15,000 satisfied and happy customers!

Complete Removals does things differently – every customer is treated like family, and every job is executed with a level of professionalism, perfectionism and thoroughness unmatched by anyone else in the industry.

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