There are many ways to make moving less stressful for kids and even make it fun.

Our experienced removalists in Adelaide have compiled this great list for you

  • If you hold a garage sale to De clutter before moving, let your kids sell a few old toys they no longer use so they can buy new ones with the money they make
  • Let them decorate their own boxes with their crayons, texta’s, stickers etc.
  • Hide pieces of a puzzle in random boxes throughout the house and have your kids help you unpack to complete the puzzle
  • Pack a surprise for each child in one of the boxes and like above, have them help you unpack to find it. The anticipation will keep them motivated!
  • Make a cubby house out of stacked boxes and bed sheets prior to moving, even let the kids sleep under it the night before moving day in their sleeping bags.
  • Use packing tape to make the squares for a game of hopscotch
  • Let your kids cut eyeholes out of a box and hide in it. A few little holes won’t affect your move
  • Buy them a disposable camera to take some pictures of their moving day experience
  • Keep a few of their favourite toys unpacked so they aren’t doing it without dolly or teddy.
  • Let them make a map of their new room and how they want it arranged

Whilst we recommend you have the younger kids babysat for moving day, simply for safety precautions, the kids can watch our furniture removalists move the heavy items and pack them in the truck. Little kids love watching this sort of thing, especially when we move items like a fridge.

If I had a dollar for every time a kid told me they want to be a furniture removalist when they grow up, I’d be rich.