We are regularly asked if it is ok for a move to be booked on settlement day. Whilst there is a benefit in the moving day being the day after settlement, it is not always the best option. If for example you are in the all too common situation of a double settlement day, then shifting the day after may not be the best option at all.

A double settlement day is one in which the settlement on the house you are selling and the settlement on the house that you are buying is all happening on the same day. In this situation you can’t put off getting your possessions out of the first house, but you may have to wait before you can unload it all into the next house!

Now moving day is always going to be a unique experience for each person moving house, and settlement move days are in their own special category of moving days. Previously i discussed a moving day involving two lovers moving in together, this can sometimes be a triple settlement day… but lets not go into elaborate details!


Moving on settlement day is easier than you think!

With a little proper prior preparation we can prevent problems proficiently. The first step is to make sure that you let us know that it is a double settlement day move; the biggest problems arise when we are suddenly told at about settlement conditions part way through moving day.

With most settlements happening at about midday this leaves us plenty of time to be packed up, as long as we know that there is a time limit. If it is a very large home with a lot of furniture in it we will often have two trucks and extra workers there. This means that we can guarantee that the upload will not spill over into settlement time.

Most three bedroom houses will not require extra trucks and extra workers in order to be completely loaded before midday; it may however mean that you are best served by sacrificing that extra hour of sleep and getting the move started earlier!


Time requirements for the second settlement

Once we have made sure we are out on time we can head over to the new house. Often as long as neither settlements on the day have had problems (or other settlements that have an influence) then there is often no difference to a normal move; by the time we get to the next house the keys are in your hand and we can start turning the house into a home for you.

If we worked too fast in the morning, or if there is a delay in the settlement then it is time to assess our options. If there is still a good degree of certainty that the settlement will go through, and the weather permits, we can begin to unload the truck into the front yard. This may be slower than unloading straight into the house, but it is certainly better than inactively waiting for the green light.

Often a simple lunch break is all the additional time that is needed. Once our workers stop to take lunch they are more than happy to extend it a little in order to allow for some additional settlement time. It is worth noting that as it is an unpaid lunch break for the workers that a delay for more than an hour may be less than optimal. Often if it looks like it will be a few hours delay, our workers will opt for a longer lunch break and then starting the unload into the front yard of the new place.

For extreme settlement problems, we do offer short term emergency storage options. We are extremely adaptable and all you need to do is remain clear and transparent with us, and we will all work together to make sure that any settlement dramas are nothing more than a small speed bump on the road to a stress free move!