With so many removalists saying so many different things….How do you choose?  How can you work out whats true – whats false – whats purposefully deceptive or even just an outright lie?

Take stairs for example….

We are regularly asked if we charge additional fees for stairs, this means the client has either heard of people being charged extra fees for stairs, or they have been quoted an additional charge for stairs!

We take a closer look at some other alarming shifts that our industry is taking in our publication 5 Dangerous Trends in Moving Companies. The only reason to apply an additional cost for something like stairs is if end goal is to find as many sneaky ways of making extra money as possible. If someone admits they are planning on charging extra for stairs, then one would wonder what other hidden fees they have tucked away.


Our hourly rate jobs and our fixed rate jobs are both based on how long the work in question takes. In this way it is clear that the presence of stairs will cause the move to take longer, which will in turn increase the total removal price. At Complete Removals there are no surcharges, no hidden fees, and no additional charges what so ever; not in relation to stairs, and not in relation to any other part of moving day!


Any honest and reputable business will always give you clear and transparent answers and a very simple understanding of exactly what costs are involved, and how those costs are calculated. You can rest assured that when you book your house move with us we will not try and sting you for that little bit extra later on!



For a comprehensive list of questions you can use to identify the sneaky removalists from the quality professionals; check out this great report!