Our employee Clayton came to work last week feeling a bit sick. To his credit being an interstate removalist he decided that it would be no issue to complete his moves and then rest after work, once he got to the first job he stated to go downhill though. Now we are firm believers that if you are sick…….. then you are sick and have to be replaced,  under no circumstances should a client have to pay for a mover that isn’t 100%. Clayton called the office and said he wont be able to finish the day and to send someone out to replace him.

There is no I in team, except when your’e a removalist

We organised a replacement interstate removalist and sent him out to Parkside but it took the best part of an hour to get there, once we arrived to take Clayton home we saw a gastly but also impressive thing. Clayton was moving a large upright steel framed piano  up the ramp with one hitch, he was GREEN……actually GREEN he was so sick and he had veins and sweat pouring out of him, muscles bulging and grunting as he pushed the piano up the truck ramp. He really did look like the Incredible Hulk.

When he finished loading the piano we asked why he was working if he is that sick and he replied “what am I going to do, sit around and twiddle my thumbs”?………………What a trooper!