Take a closer look into prospective removalists world– you may be shocked!


We thank you for taking the time to read this extremely important article. It is definitely for your own good.


This is a summerised introduction and link to a more comprehensive report (link below), it contains invaluable information compiled from some of Australia’s most experienced and trusted movers and will arm you with plenty of confidence when it comes time to shop for a moving company or removalist.


Most of these trends stem from a lack of transparency on the movers’ part. So don’t feel bad, all you need to do is get educated. That’s what this short report is for.


Today, online reviews make it easier for you to evaluate vendors: who’s good , who’s great and who’s absolutely not.


However, even this is clearly not enough! Because costly, agonising moving blunders happen every single day and frankly, we want you to dodge the bullet.


If you value your belongings and your hard-earned cash, it is critically important you know the hidden tricks and games movers play to get your business.


These unfortunate trends are:


  1. Smoke and mirrors about Insurance
  2. Who you book for moving may not be who turns up!
  3. Drug popping criminals and theft (yes, wow)
  4. Bait and switch pricing strategies
  5. Instant online quotes provoking poor workmanship


Some of the main problems stemming just from trend No. 5 are:

  • Inexperienced day labour just showing up for a day’s pay
  • Zero training or processes regarding handling your possessions
  • Lack of enthusiasm and even angry, pissed-off movers on your special day, which can make things very uncomfortable and even eerie (this is very common)
  • Outright theft of your items
  • Alcohol and drugs increasing risk and making the process uncomfortable
  • Stand-off tactics on moving day to extract more money from you. E.g. Until you pay more, we won’t pull your heavy television off the truck (yes its horrifying, and yet it happens)


Okay. You’re probably a little frightened by now and for good reason. You can learn how to easily identify and avoid these nasty problems completely and how you can ensure you can feel 100% comfortable with your selection, simply download your copy of The 5 Most Dangerous Trends in Moving Companies  Report