How To Make Your Move Smoother With Our Change Of Address Checklist

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Moving house without proper planning can add more stress. Looking for removalists, purchasing boxes, packing little by little, and managing your expenses are just some of the to-dos on top of your list. Changing addresses and notifying people around you will fall at the bottom, or be scheduled at the last week before your move.


This can be a fatal mistake and can cause you more headache than you think. Read more as we discuss why notifying people is essential and should be part of your priorities.

Why It’s Important To Change Your Address When Moving

Changing your address when moving is an essential part of the move. Read more below as we discuss the different reasons you shouldn’t procrastinate this part.

For Identification Purposes

The main reason you want to work on notifying the right people before your move is to ensure that you can use this for identification. Some companies will need you to produce recent billing statements. If your previous address is still recorded, this can cause you multiple phone calls to have it updated, and paperwork can be delayed because of a minor detail.

To Avoid Missing Important Mail

If you plan to update your change of address at the last minute, it is very likely that your subscription billings will still be mailed to your previous address. This can be caused by the billing cycle of the company. Any changes they receive have a high probability of being applied to the next billing cycle.  This can cause you delays in settling your bills and eventually, some penalties.

1. Compile All Your Important Mail

If you still have four weeks before your move, this is the best time to start compiling all of your important mail. Don’t throw out the letters you receive. Get a small box or have a drawer dedicated for your mail. You can have them separated in folders by categories such as monthly bills, subscriptions, any correspondence you receive from the school and government mail.

You don’t even have to do this immediately. If you’ve received a letter in the middle of packing some stuff, toss it into your drawer or box and sort it out on the weekend.

2. Cross-reference Your List With Our Change Of Address Checklist

If you’re a well-organised person and have already created your own list, it wouldn’t be wrong to cross-reference it with ours. It’s better to have your list checked more than once than to not check it at all. Our moving house checklist is the most extensive and detailed list you’ll ever come across. We’ve included all the necessary details that can be applied; whether you have a family with kids or with pets. Scroll down below, and you’ll find our extensive checklist below.

3. Remove Yourself From Unnecessary Subscriptions

Once you’ve compiled all your mail, try to sort out those you no longer need a subscription on. Only keep subscriptions you’re still interested in and need. This will also help you from collecting clutter in your new place.

Having a hard time with your subscriptions? Try the Marie Kondo way! If it doesn’t spark joy, toss it.

4. Categorise Your Change Of Address Checklist

The most efficient way to create your checklist is to categorise them. Decide which types to prioritise and which ones would take days before you can complete them.

With our moving house checklist, we’ve categorised them to help your move stress-free.


  • Government Organisations
  • Utilities
  • Financial, Legal, and Insurance Services
  • Subscriptions
  • Healthcare
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Cars
  • Personal
  • Pets
  • Social
  • Miscellaneous

5. Work Through It In Order Of Priority And Frequency

Now that you’ve categorised your checklist, you can easily work through your list.

If you’re moving due to employment, start there before you work on utilities. The same goes if you have a medical condition that needs immediate attention. The most effective way is to work through it in order of your priority and the frequency of how you use them.

6. Keep Your Receipts

Don’t throw away your receipts just yet! After sorting out your mail, keep your billing receipts. They will help you verify when updating your address. Some occasions may arise when a billing company will require you to provide proof of billing from your previous address or confirm the previous address where you stayed before your big move.

Remember that they won’t divulge any personal information so they need you to confirm your previous address. If you miss a piece of single information, they may flag your account for suspicious activity.

Setup A Mail Redirection Service

If by any chance you started late and a billing company still delivered a bill to your previous address, you can arrange for a mail redirection service. You will no longer have to encounter any awkward conversations over the phone and have to request the new occupants of your old home to forward your mail to you.

When You’re Moving Interstate

Moving interstate can be more challenging. The best way to deal with this is to start ahead of schedule. Research where you’ll be moving, the phone numbers you need to call and arrange the necessary changes.

If your kids are changing to a different school, call them and ask what requirements they would need. Some schools require a transfer certificate from their previous school. Contact the school and ask if they need additional notes and progress of your child prior to your move.

Check with your new state and contact the appropriate agency with your car registration. Some states require a roadworthy inspection or quarantine declaration.

Our Change Of Address Checklist

If you haven’t prepared a checklist, you can easily download and print our comprehensive moving house checklist.

You can download our checklist here.

Tips For A Smoother Transition

With our years of experience in moving house, we’ve gathered tips on how changing addresses can be more manageable.

Specify If It’s Permanent Or Temporary

When dealing with billing companies, it is crucial to inform them if this change of address will be a temporary setup or a permanent change. They’ll set this up in their system, and if you don’t clarify this minor detail, your mail could be sent back to your previous residence.

Ensure the Entire Household Is Covered

Usually, in big households, people have a tendency to forget little details such as informing the dentist of making an appointment for their kid or the address of a partner’s gym membership.

Update Your Return Address Labels

Updating your return address labels can help you locate items that may get lost in transit. This will be a great help if you ever have the misfortune of having some of your possessions lost while moving.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most commonly asked questions we’ve encountered.

Should I change our mailing address before we move?

Yes, doing it at the last minute would be a fatal mistake.

Where do I change my address?

Start with your local Post Office.

How long before moving should I change my address?

We advise three weeks before your move.

Do I need to change my address on my passport and drivers license?

Yes, otherwise you may encounter problems in the future if you delay this.

Proper Planning To Give You Less Worry

Plan your move accordingly. This will give you less worry, so the last week of the move you can leave for double checking everything on your list. Remember that moving doesn’t have to result in blood and tears.

Are you worried you might miss out on something? Check our moving checklist here!

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