There are many extra costs when hiring a truck and moving yourself.
Here is a snap shot of the overall comparison in price.

Comparison Chart

Moving Yourself Complete Removals
Small Truck (3 tonne)
Large Truck (6 – 9.5 tonnes)
2 Professional Removalists
Protection Blankets (Pads)
Trolleys For Heavy Items
Truck Fuel
Crash Insurance (For the Truck)
Cheap Moving Boxes
Time to move a lightly furnished 3 bedroom house (27m3) 12 hours 5 hours
Costs (approx.) $460 $575
Truck insurance (excess reduction) $250 $0


Complete Removals trumps moving truck hire Adelaide wide

If you’re considering moving yourself, consider moving with Complete removals. We’re the cheaper alternative to hiring expensive moving trucks and get the job done right, on time and on budget. Taking into account the table above, it’s also vital to factor in taking time off work. That’s lost wages spent on lugging around pieces of furniture! Plus, most moving truck hire companies in Adelaide won’t hire to anyone under 25 years old.

You’re still left with moving without protective pads (sheets and house blankets won’t do the same job), and any costs associated with rewarding your friends and family for helping e.g. food and refreshments.

Also consider the “what if’s” of hiring a moving van to move yourself:

  • What if you friends damage your furniture or your house, what about your bond?
  • What if your helpers injure themselves?
  • What if you don’t take out the insurance reduction and a car collides with you, or you hit a tree with the top of truck?. (This is very common with inexperienced truck drivers)
  • What if moving yourself doesn’t go as smoothly and perfectly as planned?

If you want to help moving anywhere in Adelaide and you do want to save money – help us move your stuff! Many hands make light work so jump in and help your professional Adelaide removalists pack your van or truck.

This comparison chart proves it is a cheaper, less risky option than going with an Adelaide moving truck hire company. You can carry some items to the truck and help us unload. Call today to find out more on (08) 8358 0212.