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Moving house can be an amazing experience
or a total nightmare.
Most people are surprised to
learn they can choose which.
The first step is choosing your ideal furniture removalist -
Leave it up to chance and you're courting disaster!

REMEMBER: You will never get another chance to relive this day, nor will your family.

It’s a sad time to be in the furniture removals business, to be honest.

The standards in our industry are dropping rapidly, and the results aren’t pretty.

Moving companies are cutting costs just to stay afloat, sacrificing any standards they might have had, employing cheap inexperienced labour.

Even criminals work the scene and the unsuspecting customers can rarely spot them before it’s too late.

These companies look fine and polished on the surface and may sound friendly and professional on the phone.

But as soon as you’re booked in, the cracks start showing up. Escalating towards moving day, you’ll be holding on for dear life.

On moving day, expect mishap after mishap creating stress, anger, damage, tears, confrontation and even full scale fights. We’ve seen it happen more times than you can imagine (and hence know how to avoid it all).

Don’t take our word for it, google around! Read some reviews other victims have posted to help people just like you!

The GREAT NEWS is, there is an easy way to enjoy peace of mind, comfort, excitement and overall smooth sailing during your move.

Complete Removals is the ONLY one to guarantee you a stress-free move!

To get qualified for your 100% Perfect stress-free move guarantee, all you need to do is have a talk with one of our friendly resident experts.

There is no obligation nor pressure to decide, at all.
You will, however, get answers to any questions you may have.

This will leave you with certainty, peace of mind and comfort that we are an option for you.

To get started, call now: (08) 8358 0212.

The proof is in the pudding:
We have removed ALL risk from your move!

Our average positive feedback score is 97%, an amazing result when you consider the tasks we face on a daily basis.

We perform a “5 Question Customer Survey” for every single job we do and the results get entered into a chart.

Our last 7 days’ performance is freely available to you at any time, just ask for it.

There is a reason we go to such lengths. That is simply to earn your trust and to have the opportunity to show you how easy moving can be.

To get started, call now: (08) 8358 0212.

Services We Offer

Interstate Removalists

Interstate Removalists of
Choice by Industry

Packing Services

pre-packing of boxes
performed by men or
women, secured by our
Stress-Free Guarantee

Local Moves

Risk Free moving
proven by our
phenomenal 98.6%
“Excellence Score"
on every single


Mobile custom built
storage modules,
tailored to your move
reduces risk and costs.

Office Relocation

20+ Years of diverse Office
Relocations for some of
Adelaide’s most well known
businesses and brands

Packing Tips

Browse through our
blogs for helpful tips!

Piano Removals

Our removalists pushed
a 640kg pianola for
charity in the City to Bay
fun run, gaining many
laughs and accolades in
the media for our efforts.

CR Connect

Let us help you connect
your utilities in one
simple process!

Our Professional Team of Movers


Our team of removalists are composed of athletic, strong, and willing individuals who are masters of endurance. There are movers – but then there are Complete Elite Movers. They are Adelaide’s only accredited Drug-free Removalists. They go through police checks and have working-with-children certificates. They also help create and embody our company values which we call
The 10 commandments.

How We Give Back


Partnering with Buy 1 Give 1

Buy 1 Give 1 (B1G1) is a group of businesses and companies that are located around the world and are dedicated to making our world a better place. These amazing entities are changing the way business is done for good. And when Complete Removals give through B1G1, the full 100% of what we give goes directly to the projects we choose.

Pushing a Piano for Charity

City-Bay Fun Runs Committee Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation whose primary objective is to raise funds to support Athletics in South Australia. The organisation assists athletes and clubs within the athletics community. This is where Complete Removals participated by pushing a piano bolted to a steel frame with an exceptional pianist playing it, down Anzac Highway with 35,000 other participants in the 12km walk/run for charity.

Novita Convoy for Kids

The Novita Convoy for Kids is a special event which aims to provide some love and support to families that have kids living with disabilities. Putting together around 600 trucks and drivers to attend and donate their time for the cause. The kids would get to experience a fun and memorable drive around Adelaide with crowds of eager people watching the pageant-like convoy of trucks. As our fleet continues to grow, we plan on continuing to support this wonderful event.

Frequently Asked Moving Questions

The cheapest is Monday to Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays are more expensive and the reason for this is because Fridays are the busiest day by far and by charging just slightly more on this day it evens out our schedule better ensuring a good even workload for the removalists, the benefit for you the client is better skilled removalists with more stable jobs. They are full time and need full time hours to stay with the company.  Saturdays incur overtime penalties for employees, we have set up an arrangement so we certainly don’t charge the kind of penalties that other companies of our calibre charge. Most just run cashies with cheap labour on the week ends.

As you probably are already aware we employ high quality removalist employees, words cant express enough the difference this makes to the quality manner in which your furniture is handled. You can rest assured that because of the number of trucks we run and the amount of Furniture Removals we conduct on a daily basis that we deal with these high quality finishes all the time. We also deliver all the kitchens for Adelaide’s most prestigious Kitchen manufacturers with the guys handling their “Two Pack” finishes everyday. It comes down to experience and the right equipment; both of which we do provide.

This can occur when a client has bought and sold a house in which the transfers take place on the same day at the same time. 95% of the time this will happen on a Friday. They are a frustrating problem because if we arrive too early or if we overestimate the loading time then we will be at the delivery address with no keys to access the property. This results in a customer being charged for their removalists to wait out the front of a house and not be working. On the flip side if we arrive too late or we have under judged the loading time, and are still loading at the pick-up address when the new owners arrive with their removalist (whom they’re paying) then we are costing them money while their removalists stand around doing nothing. Our solution for this will vary depending on job size. For Small half day jobs we suggest that you ring the agent that sold your house, ask the agent to ring the people that purchased their house and ask when they intend to move in, as they may not want to move in until late afternoon or  the Saturday due to work reasons, if this is the case then problem solved. If not we have to look at starting mid-morning which is where our new scheduling systems benefits you. We have to know what date you’re moving in order to know what we can offer. For large 3/4 to all day jobs it is not much of a problem unless the agent has told you that the keys will not be available until late afternoon, e.g. 1.30 onwards. The plan here is to start in the morning and by the time we get the furniture and household effects on and have a lunch break the keys should be available.

Most people chuck out the original boxes they come in. You need not worry as these TV’s are in every house these days, they are as common as a fridge and the guys have all their packing techniques for these items down pat, they know how to deal with them because they do it every day.  What we can do is provide a free picture pack and sleeve this over the screen. This then gives the protection of strong cardboard over the sensitive screen and then we will wrap the whole thing with our thick felt padding. This is a very safe technique for moving these types of screens.

We don’t charge any extra surcharges for stairs but they do add some time to the move, so it does cost more in the extra time spent managing them. One way to really reduce this extra time is to minimise the amount of small fiddly gear that have to travel via the stairs. These items include bags, baskets, small picture frames, boxes and any other similar type of items.

Complete Removals IconComplete Removals

4/2 Ferry Avenue, Melrose Park

4.8 637 reviews

  • Avatar Josie Nunn ★★★★★ a month ago
    From the initial contact to discuss my online quote, to the final moments of the move, Complete Removals significantly eased the process, ensuring a stress-free experience. The administrative team’s expertise shone through as they attended to even the smallest details, providing a sense of calm and confidence. … More Their thoughtful approach paved the way for a seamless transition.I was kept well-informed with an automated message confirming the move date, and received a personal update from the removal team the day before departure, which I found to be exceptional service. The team itself was outstanding, displaying friendliness and meticulous care throughout the move.Although the cost was at the higher end, it was justified by the meticulous attention to every item and the overall excellent service. My partner and I are thoroughly impressed with Complete Removals’ exemplary performance and would not hesitate to recommend their services.
  • Avatar Edwina Ward ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    This was our first move with the team at Complete Removals, and they were fantastic! I dealt with Sue for the administration, she made me feel reassured and confident with our booking from start to finish. John & Patrick were our team on moving day, it was such a very hot day, they remained professional … More and good humoured even in such extreme conditions. They looked after our belongings incredibly well, and nothing was too much trouble. A very positive experience all round, we'd highly recommend.
  • Avatar Sheree Firth ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    We recommend Complete Removals to anyone moving house. Great team of people from meeting with Neill, the friendly helpful staff in the office and the great team of guys who carried out the removal of our furniture. Nothing was too much and they were so friendly and helpful. Exceptionally strong and engaging. … More Love that they can store goods straight into home packs for easy and safe moving. They are fabulous!
  • Avatar Elise Marchant ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Complete Removals were professional, helpful, friendly and competent from the first phone call to the final sign off. They took great care of my stuff, and were really efficient. Very happy with the service and so glad I booked with such a reputable team.
  • Avatar David Manuel ★★★★★ a year ago
    Complete Removals were exceptional in all facets of their service for us. We were very pleased with the ease of booking and the follow up from Sue. The removalists, Darren & Dean were brilliant and very helpful and friendly. We would definitely use Complete Removals again.

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  9. Move allocation to Certified Drug Free Removalists that have passed our “Hula” Test
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  13. Position Truck in the most appropriate location to load your possessions
  14. Pre-lifting preparations to protect floors, walls and your possessions
  15. The “Complete Removals Safe Loading System” uplift from your home to the truck
  16. Load integrity checkpoints.
  17. Drive to your new HOME or storage.
  18. Guided and Pre-delivery inspection.
  19. Pre-delivery preparation to protect floor, walls and your possessions.
  20. The “Complete Removals Safe Delivery System” unload your possessions from the truck to your new home or storage unit
  21. Professional unpacking of your boxes including putting possessions away (Optional)
  22. Assistance in setting up your home (e.g. Assembly of furniture)
  23. Final tidy and post move checklist
  24. Customer Satisfaction sign off
  25. Step 5: Post move checkup and feedback call for constant and never ending improvement and performance bonusing for removalists