Moving House 101: Depot Fee Explained

Moving to another house is a major event. That mixed feeling of excitement and uneasiness brought about by the prospect of starting something new and beginning a fresh chapter in your life! With all the tremendous to-do lists that you have to accomplish, you then decide to get assistance from reliable and reputable removalists.

The last thing you would want is to be uninformed of the components of their charges. One of them being Depot fees. Let us shed light on what a depot fee is all about.

What Is A Depot Fee?

Every trade or service has different responses on how it deals with the fact that jobs are spread across geographic areas. A plumber or an electrician, for example, may implement a ‘call out fee’ or a minimum charge. Within the removals industry, any of the law-abiding and ethical companies will incorporate a depot charge.

A depot fee commences from the time a vehicle leaves the depot until the same vehicle makes its return to the said depot. When we are doing a removal job based on an hourly rate, a depot fee is applied. In practice, the return to depot allowance is an agreed figure between the removalists and the clients; often, with the assistance of a route calculator such as Google Maps.

In the same manner, when we are giving a fixed rate quote, the depot fee is already included in the price. This means that it is not going to be a sudden additional charge or a secret that no one tells you about.

Complete Removals is dedicated to NEVER hiding any of our fees, and ALWAYS endeavoring to make sure that you understand exactly how the fees are calculated. Why? Clarity leads to Certainty and, in effect, leads to your Peace of Mind! The ultimate result you should expect from your moving company.

Why Do We Charge Depot to Depot?

We only employ the finest removalists when we come to move your home. In any industry, if you wish to hold on to the best performing employees, you need to make sure that you are paying them ethically and fairly.

Our employees are paid from the moment they get to work until the moment they are able to go home. At no point would we expect them to be at work and not be paid. Not only is it unethical for us to not pay our employees whilst they are at work, but it is also illegal.

Complete Removals is committed to being 100% compliant with all industrial relations laws as well as 100% compliant with the Australian Taxation Law.

We pride ourselves as being a workplace that can provide stability for the families of our dedicated and hard-working employees. It is important to remember that a professional removalist is only going to work for a company that treats them the way they should be treated – a professional!

Transient day workers or unskilled laborers will work for anyone who is prepared to give them a day’s work. When moving day comes, you are going to have a much better time and feel more confident if you are being moved by professionals!

We are proud of our clean and reliable trucks! Our trucks are well-maintained to ensure that they are not only safe enough to be on the road but also safe enough to transport your personal belongings carefully, reliably, and efficiently. The way you would expect it, right?

There is nothing worse than a run-down and malfunctioning moving truck that is not safe, waterproof, or maintained to a level that guarantees it will make it to your new home.

Let us talk about suspension! It is the mechanism in which tires, tire air, springs, shock absorbers, and linkages connect a vehicle to its wheels and allow relative motion between the two.

Our trucks are modern with the highest quality of suspension that assures a smooth ride for your goods. The unfortunate alternative can be a rather rough, bumpy ride that could shake the life out of your treasured but fragile possessions. We say, don’t risk it!

Doing Business The Right Way

Complete Removals is a world-class moving company that wowed over 20,000 happy and very satisfied clients! We have been named as “Adelaide’s Friendliest, Most Trusted and Reliable Removalists” and we are working hard to live up to our reputation.

That being said, we believe that the only way for us to do our business the right way is to be transparent and upfront with our clients especially about charges which include the depot fee.

Need assistance on your move? Get a free quote from our friendly and helpful removalists today!