Moving Yourself with a Hire Truck or Van in Adelaide or Hiring Professional Removalists?

If your’e reading this article, I am assuming you are considering moving yourself and that you are trying to work out whether it is worth it or not. I hope to put your mind to rest with a few dot points, forget that I am a very long serving professional removalist for a few moments and I will speak more like an “average bloke”

  • We can get a few of the lads around
  • Buy them some beer and pizza
  • Get them to move it in a trailer or even better………Robbo’s and Timo’s utes
  • If thats not going to be big enough, we could hire a truck and save some money for that new flat screen we want to buy

Two hours into the move Tim, Rob and “average bloke” decide they had better get the beer sooner rather than later.

Before long, more time is spent sitting on the boxes talking about the footy than moving them.

By the time they decide to get cracking again 6-9 empty beers have been left out the front whilst the boys trot in the house and all of a sudden, the walls start getting bumped and scratched, that old chair that belonged to Nana just got dropped because Robbo stumbled on a crack on the driveway and Tim’s having an argument out the back on his phone and doesn’t seem to be in a hurry at all.

“Average bloke” has just put a ding in the stainless steel fridge because he banged it on the door trying to get it out of the kitchen and Robbo’s sheepishly approaching, about to apologize for Nana’s chair, awkward!

I could go on but you get the picture. Its pretty general but so unbelievably common that I had to write about it. I hear this stuff all the time from people who have moved themselves before in the past.

Moving isn’t cheap but fixing walls, furniture and arguments aren’t either.

Complete Removals is fast and friendly, highly professional and know how to make it way easier than this will ever be, if saving money is your motive, check out our moving checklist and save money prior to our arrival instead.

Plus there is a myriad of ways to help us be faster on the day, for example, your mates could be designated to just moving the shed stuff, some boxes and small items that they can’t damage and will still make “average bloke” feel like he’s contributed.

We can only charge an hourly rate which still gives you an element of control over your moving costs, so fill out a form or call us now and find out what we can do.

P.S Nana’s chair will thank you for it.

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