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This year Complete Removals worked with the Adelaide Fires 2015 community group to transport donations for victims of the Sampson Flat bushfire victims.

Through Adelaide Fires we heard that many people were unable to access medicines, government support and bank funds because emergency documents – such as licenses, passports and medical scripts – were left behind when they vacated their homes.

Missing documents also delayed insurance claims and utility reconnections. Even those whose houses were safe were unable to get to these documents, as access to their homes was restricted for days during and after the fires.

We saw this as another opportunity for us to help.

As a pilot program this year, Complete Removals are offering to help vulnerable residents of Tea Tree Gully, Adelaide Hills and Playford Councils in bushfire danger areas avoid facing the same distressful situation. Complete Removals will provide a free pick up and storage service for an Emergency Box filled with emergency documents. There will be no cost involved for residents that use this service.


 How it will work


Complete Removals will collect and log your Emergency Box from a central location in the council area and transport and store it safely and securely at our professional facility in Somerton Park.

In the event of a bushfire, your Emergency Box will be immediately available for pick up. At the end of the season the boxes will be returned via the collection point.


Residents interested in this free service can register via the Local Recovery Centre on phone 0477 744 258 and your details will be forwarded directly to Complete Removals. Please register your interest by Friday the 18th of December 2015. 


More detailed information – including the collection date and location, what and how to pack, and how and where to retrieve your Emergency Box will be sent out when approximate numbers have been ascertained.

Suggested items to include in your Emergency Box include:

  • Original or certified copies of birth certificates, licenses and other identification
  • Childrens’ blue health books, immunisation information
  • Power/phone/internet provider account details
  • Insurance details
  • Qualifications, awards, trade licenses
  • House title/design; planning and zoning
  • Medication scripts, list of medications taken, medical history, etc.
  • Animal vet paperwork
  • Bank account details
  • Vehicle registration details
  • School enrolment info/school reports/awards
  • Portable hard drives or memory sticks with copies of resumes, will, tax information

For more information, please call the Local Recovery Centre on 0477 744 258