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Meet Our Team Adelaide’s Friendliest, Most Trusted and Reliable Removalists


Just a few of them

Where the rubber meets the road.

These guys are athletic, strong, willing and masters of endurance. Only a very small percentile of the population can do what these guys do, it takes time to reach the level we perform at and doesnt come without blood, sweat and pain. There are movers then there are Complete Elite Movers. They are Adelaides only accredited Drug-Free Removalists, they go through police checks and have working with children certifcates and have to pass our Hula test to be accepted as a Complete removalist. They also helped create and embody our company values which we call The 10 Commandments.

If there were a moving olympics, I would confidently put our team up against any other team in the world. As the owner, I am very proud of them!


Corey Smith “The Hurricane” Founder and CEO

As you may have read on the About us page, Corey Smith founded Complete Removals out of necessity. When it comes to business, Richard Branson is his role model. Corey has successfully built a very unique moving business focused on its customers needs, desires and overall experience which founded its Unique Selling Proposition: A Perfect Stress-Free Move Guaranteed.

With an average of 97.6% positive customer feedback (most of which are perfect scores), he feels his philosophies are being proven but insists “We are only just getting warmed up!”

He educates his organisation and customers that moving is not even close to being stressful if you have the right people in your corner. Moving is in fact a time when people can embrace and enjoy the exciting steps into the next chapter of their lives. His organisation is a fun, nurturing environment where the employees can express themselves, talk openly and flourish into the people they aspire to be; and be very well rewarded in the process. He also believes in making the world a better place for future generations which is the reason why Complete Removals partnered with Buy 1 Give 1 (B1G1). See his take on it below:

“Gone are the days of businesses taking, taking and taking and giving nothing back to the planet, to people in need and making this a better more sustainable place in which to live. Complete Removals is a proud Partner of Buy 1 Give 1 (B1G1), an amazing group of businesses and companies around the world dedicated to making our world a better place and changing the way business is done for good. And when we give through B1G1, the full 100% of what we give goes directly to the projects we choose. It’s very cool!”

Corey Smith Founder and CEO of Complete Removals

Corey loves his 4 kids and his girlfriend Melissa who taught him that there is an amazing life outside of work.

Ben Ballard “The Rock” Sales Manager and Operations Manager and overall go to guy.

Ben Ballard is Complete Removals longest serving employee. He is the one who keeps Corey in check when he comes up with all of his crazy ideas and when something in the business needs to be done, Ben is the one to make it happen. He is possibly the friendliest person in the world and has never experienced a bad mood haha. He is an extremely well versed all rounder in moving, having worked his way up from an offsider in a truck, to a driver, leading hand, operations manager, general manager and sales manager and finally partner in Complete Removals.

He will absolutely be all over your move and ensure you are smiling at the end of it. He values systems and processes, strong communication and effort and very much knows what it takes to build a strong culture around him. If Ben doesnt know the answer, he will find out and do it quick. I thoroughly believe our company’s promise is framed around Ben: Adelaide’s Freindliest, Most Trusted and Reliable

He loves four wheel driving, his two kids and his wonderful wife Michelle.