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With monthly cash prizes for Removalists with great customer feedback, and a brand new
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Trusted By 100's of Businesses
Trusted By 100's of Businesses

Proven Results from Adelaide's Elite Removalists

Complete Removals scales to fit within your moving budget


Moving without packing your boxes


  • Professional removalists and a custom truck
  • Pre and post move support
  • Revolutionary stress-free moving system

Note* You pack and unpack your own boxes

"I've used Complete Removals 4 times now, every time the removalists have had a great attitude and go above and beyond to be helpful, not to mention punctual! You guys are doing a great job!"

~ Cassandra Liebeknecht, Cheltenham
General Manager of the Feast Festival

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Moving with packing your boxes


  • Us packing and unpacking your boxes
  • Complete's elite removalists and a custom truck
  • Client concierge for support beyond compare
  • Our "New Neighbour Program"
  • Revolutionary stress-free move GUARANTEE

"Your service was outstanding, we never thought moving house could be stress-free let alone enjoyable but you have proven it can. Well done! I will recommend you to anyone"

~ The Illguth Family

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15 Critical Questions is all that stands
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This report will arm you with the questions you NEED to ask in order to feel comfortable you make a wise decision. In this FREE report you'll learn:

  • How to avoid becoming a target
  • How to avoid nasty and very costly mistakes
  • How to identify misleading information
  • How to avoid confrontation with unethical removalists

Moving house can be an amazing experience
or a total nightmare.

Most people are surprised to learn
they can choose which.

The first step is choosing your ideal furniture removalist —
Leave it up to chance and you’re courting disaster!

REMEMBER: You will never get another chance to relive this day, nor will your family.

It’s a sad time to be in the furniture removals business, to be honest.

The standards in our industry are dropping rapidly, and the results aren’t pretty.

Moving companies are cutting costs just to stay afloat, sacrificing any standards they might have had, employing cheap inexperienced labour.

Shady Movers

Even criminals work the scene and the unsuspecting customers can rarely spot them before it’s too late.

These companies look fine and polished on the surface and may sound friendly and professional on the phone.

But as soon as you’re booked in, the cracks start showing up. Escalating towards moving day, you’ll be holding on for dear life.

On moving day, expect mishap after mishap creating stress, anger, damage, tears, confrontation and even full scale fights. We’ve seen it happen more times than you can imagine (and hence know how to avoid it all).

Don’t take our word for it, google around! Read some reviews other victims have posted to help people just like you!

The GREAT NEWS is, there is an easy way to enjoy peace of mind, comfort, excitement and overall smooth sailing during your move.

Complete Removals is the ONLY one to guarantee you a stress-free move!

To get qualified for your 100% Perfect stress-free move guarantee, all you need to do is have a talk with one of our friendly resident experts.

There is no obligation nor pressure to decide, at all.
You will, however, get answers to any questions you may have.

This will leave you with certainty, peace of mind and comfort that we are an option for you.

To get started, call now: (08) 8358 0212.

The proof is in the pudding:
We have removed ALL risk from your move!

Shady Movers

Our average positive feedback score is 97%, an amazing result when you consider the tasks we face on a daily basis.

We perform a "5 Question Customer Survey" for every single job we do and the results get entered into a chart.

Our last 7 days' performance is freely available to you at any time, just ask for it.

There is a reason we go to such lengths. That is simply to earn your trust and to have the opportunity to show you how easy moving can be.

To get started, call now: (08) 8358 0212.