The 5 Most Dangerous Trends in Moving Companies


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Lets face it: Moving is not likely something you do regularly, and on the surface it is easy to think that all removals companies are much the same. The reality is that not all companies are created equal. If you are just starting to shop around you may be:

  • Overcome by all the apparent choices in the market, how do you even know how to distinguish between them all?
  • Unsure of who to call, who to trust, how many quotes to get
  • Unsure of what to expect


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We created this quick report to outline some of the dangers that are lurking within our industry. We will briefly walk you through five of the key trends that have alarmed us in recent years. In this free report you will be equipped to:

  • Avoid becoming a target
  • Recognize quality for what it is
  • Identify misleading information
  • Avoid confrontation with unethical removalists

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