Office Relocations: Five Steps to Follow for a Successful Move

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What are the Steps Involved in Moving your Office Location?

All entrepreneurs have goals of growing and expanding their services and business. Hence, the idea of staying in one office location does not sit well for people with big and brilliant dreams of being successful. The decision to move office space, however, is not strictly limited to the expansion nor the downsize of a business. It is very much a part of any business’ overall strategy. Your office relocation means finding the perfect place which reflects your brand, increases your visibility, boosts employees’ morale and performance, and ultimately, incites more business success. As with any other undertaking, an office move requires careful planning and comprehensive and detailed steps to guarantee its success. Here are Five Steps to Follow to Help You Achieve a Successful Office Relocation.

Step 1: Plan Ahead

It all starts with a plan! Get a hold of the blueprints so you can set out the design and layout of the new office. It is best to identify early on if there are space problems so you have the opportunity to adjust or rectify it. Work Out Your Floor Plan Work out your floor plan to ensure that every department has a designated space on your new office. Plan the reception, work desks, photocopying machines, lunch and breakout areas, as well as the meeting rooms on your new office space. Decide on the placement of electrical outlets, computer cables, and telephone lines. Consider placing the departments and areas in the most pragmatic and efficient way. For example, the IT department can be put next to the server room and the breakout areas next to the toilet. Designate Colours and Labels Assign a colour for each floor and section. Apply colour coding and proper labels for every department as well as communal spaces like toilet, lunch and breakout areas and meeting rooms to designate their respective locations in the new office place. Once you know which equipment goes where use the appropriate label. Print off multiple copies of the new colour-coded floor plan to make it easier for everyone to know their correct spot. Inform Service Providers Get in touch with your electricity, gas and water utility providers to inform them of your office relocation. Check if they provide service in the area that your office is moving into. In that way, you can make other arrangements in case they don’t. Contact your phone, internet, and cable service providers as well to notify them. [one_half][/one_half][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Step 2: Engage Office Moving Professionals

Businesses relocating their office demand great attention to details, time and physical strength. Employers can benefit from hiring moving professionals as they provide expert and practical advice in packing and unpacking as well as lifting and transferring all office equipment and furniture safely. They eliminate risks, minimize stress, and lessen business downtime. When choosing the ideal removalists, hire those who have a proven track record, immaculate customer service and overwhelmingly positive customer feedback’s. Undecided on who to hire as movers? Get a quote from our team of experts here!

Step 3: Get Your Team Involved

Employees spend their working lives in the office. It is but wise to collaborate with the members of your workforce and involve them in all aspects of your move, not with the intent to burden but to make them feel empowered and important. Inform Your Team of Your Moving Day Plan a meeting. Inform the whole office of the moving date and the new office address. Provide advise as to what means of private and public transportation there are available in the future working place. This will give them time and opportunity for everyone to get acquainted with the new working environment. Assign a Committee Begin by choosing a project manager who will be responsible for coordinating with the respective division leaders. Create a list of tasks that must be completed in order to streamline the process. Talk about who will be accountable for labelling and colour-coding the office equipment such as laptops, desktops, headsets, etc. Discuss who will be responsible for hiring or delegating the cleaning of your old and new office premises. Check regularly with the moving committee to ensure that everything is on schedule.

Step 4: Inform Your Clients And Customers

Take some time to notify your clients and customers about your office move-in date, new location and means of contacting your company while in the process of moving. Explain if there are any delays or disruptions of services because of the move. The last thing you would want is for your customers and clients to seek business elsewhere.

Step 5: Moving Into Your New Office

It’s finally moving day! You’re almost done with the process of moving. Coordinate with Your Moving Committee Speak with the project managers and leaders. See to it that the colour-coded floor plan is followed correctly. Make sure that all equipment and furniture such as computers, laptops, headsets, etc. are accounted for and placed in their designated locations. Ensure that All Utilities Are Provisioned Turn on your lights, water, gas to check if it’s up and running. Verify if your phone, internet and cable services are working. Immediately ask assistance from your utilities and service providers if something is amiss. Inform Your Clients and Customers of Your Successful Move! Communicate with your clients and customers to inform them of the great news. You can announce on your social media channels that your office address has been updated and that you are ready and very much happy to serve them. [one_half][/one_half][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Business As Usual

The relocation of the entire office space does not have to be a massive interference on your business’ operations. Through adequate planning and proper delegation of tasks, a smooth and efficient move is not an impossibility. A well-planned move can definitely make your business operations transition quickly so why not simply follow the steps involved in moving your office location? Gearing up for your office relocation? Contact us today and get the professional service that you’re looking for!

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