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Moving to a new place is really exciting, but the actual process involved from the packing and the transporting, then to the unpacking can be tedious and let’s not forget that some items can be a bit tricky to move. With that said, we all just want to fast forward the process and just skip to the end. But don’t worry, we can help you with that because our main goal is to help you make your lives easier when it comes to moving. Whether the job consists of moving just a couple of pieces or moving the entire contents of a mansion, our team is always ready for action. So let us help you, and let your moving be a breeze.

Specialty Moves

Complete Removals is not a company that allows itself to be limited when it comes to its services. We highly value our customers and their feedback in order for us to continuously develop and improve. Occasionally, we are called out to what I would term “specialty” moves because we like to go above and beyond for our clients.

Their plan, however, came to a halt upon realizing that the queen size ensembles that they had recently purchased for their new home, were in fact too large to fit up the stairwell. After a number of attempts between the two to get these beds upstairs, they eventually gave in and called in the professionals.

Two of our workers had them hoisted up the balcony and into the correct rooms within fifteen minutes. Upon seeing this method, the young man remarked “that seems so obvious now”, but to our experienced furniture removalists this is just the natural process of a well-practised deduction.

Few But Large Furniture Items

Here at Complete Removals, we can move your items even if it is just a few pieces of furniture, especially the biggest and most difficult of items like pool tables or pianos or any large furniture that is currently residing on the upper floors. It can also be the desk or the file cabinet from your office. Always remember that it is unnecessary for you to go through all the trouble and even risk injuring yourself.

We can guarantee that our team of professionals will be ready to offer you the right solutions and will handle everything smoothly.

Less Than A Room Full Of Move

If you are moving just a single bedroom of stuff then it can seem even more compelling to just try to get it in your car or to hire a small truck.

There is however no shortage of people who understand there is no shame in having a company come and quickly scoop up the entire room in one go.

If you’re only moving a single room worth of stuff then we can bring a smaller truck and get it shifted way faster than you can with your mates’ van!

Small But Mighty

Complete Removals is a company that is ready to cater to your every moving need. In order to ensure our client’s satisfaction, we offer customized services according to our client’s needs and what the client requires from us.

We are prepared to offer our clients various solutions related to moving and we are committed to delivering top-notch service and professionalism. Take the hassle-free road by Choosing Complete Removals and we will help you plan, execute and save time.

Do you only require a few of your belongings to be moved? Call us today to get a quote!

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  1. Just like someone to take 2 small sheds to my son in laws in kieth, from osborne sa. Thanks

  2. Just like someone to take 2 small sheds to my son in laws in kieth, from osborne sa. Thanks

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