Need Removalists? You Should Hire Removalists, Not “Helpers”

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When it comes time to move house again it is a good opportunity to look back on the place you are leaving and prepare for the place you are heading. Reminisce of the good times you’ve had at the last house; and eagerly plan on the good times to come at the new house.

Do you remember the day you moved into the last house? What type of moving day was that?

Did you rustle up some friends, some trailers and just get it done on your own? Did you take a chance on a newspaper classified ad and book removalists from there? Or did you organise to hire a professional company to come and move everything for you?

Everyone’s moving experience is unique, some people are very happy with their last move so simply repeat their previous steps. There is a reason we have built most of our business upon repeat clients.

Some people look back on the trials and tribulations of their last move day, and decide “this time we are going to do it properly! we will hire removalists that know what they are doing and have the stamina to get it done quickly!”

It may seem tempting to think that you are presented with two paths in this situation.

On the one side you could organise your friends and family and move yourself.

On the other, you can hire furniture removalists to come in and do it for you.

The thing is, there is always more than two paths or two choices in life; our mind just finds it easier to deal in black and white sometimes.

The choice isn’t between doing it for free and paying someone to do it. 

The choice is about how you are going to go about getting it done.

Even if you decide not to hire movers, chances are you will still need to hire vehicles. The likelihood of you being able to move everything on your own means that you are going to need help; maybe your friends are generous and great, so they help you out.

You either find yourself supplying food and drinks all day for every helper (still not free), or worse yet; you end up with an IOU against your name to help the other friends and family members move.

So we see that one option isn’t free, even if it is a smaller financial outlay.

That is without even considering the time, social, physical and opportunity costs that are associated!

There is no surprise that most people decide that hiring removalists will be the best option.

The thing is, you need to ask yourself are you hiring professionals who will come in with all of the correct equipment and experience to make the day as smooth and stress free as possible, or are you paying for someone as experienced as your friends to arrive with whatever equipment was available?

Whilst we take a great deal of pride in providing a stress free move for all of our customers, there are other’s out there who call themselves removalists who’s greatest source of pride comes from actually making it to the job!

Here are a few snapshots of what makes us cringe at night.

Amateurs Pretending to be Professionals

When you are moving somewhere in Adelaide furniture removalists seem to be in no short supply.

Our industry as a whole is not protected by a guild, a membership association, a standards committee, a licensing panel or any of the other methods of official endorsement.

Combine this legal loop hole, with the fact that most people have played a role in moving a house at some point in their life, and you are left with literally hundreds of advertisements from people who are as professional a removalist as Charlie Brown.

Whether it be the gumtree lads who arrive on a raining winter day with a trailer and a few utes or the less than youthful bloke arriving in an archaic leaking ozone killer; there are a lot of pretenders out there.

At one point or another you will have to ask yourself which of the following images you would like your moving day to resemble:



This may seem like an absurd example, but there is definitely a difference between a seasoned furniture removalist methodically packing their truck, the same way they have for years; and the bloke he figures “how hard can it be?” or “what is the worst that can happen?”

The reality is that when you are loading literally tons of items into a vehicle, it is not something you should be guessing your way through.

Forgive us if we seem to be rather blunt today, but it does get tiresome trying to maintain professional standards in an industry so open to cowboys and backyarders. We developed a list of questions you can ask over the phone in order to see if you are dealing with a professional company or an amateur operation with no insurance and no idea.

To be fair, it may not be only Adelaide movers who have to deal with this, but with South Australia’s unemployment rate; it certainly leaves a lot of people viewing our profession as something that any one with a ute can start doing.

Unreliable Outfits Using Labour Hire or Ring-ins

The business model seems rather easy, set an add in the local paper or online somewhere; if you sell a job then it is time to assemble your team. Don’t waste any money by keeping permanent staff on, why would you bother with the liability!

It is much easier to use contract labourers who have come in for one days work. They can be organised at short notice and best of all, the labour hire company will cover all of the actual ’employer’ side of things.

Another benefit is that you don’t have to worry about building band awareness, or making sure people know that you are reliable and consistent. After all, if your call in workers knock up too much damage you want to have the reflexive ability to change your phone number and run a different ad.

One of these guys moves houses everyday, one of them gets woken up to move a house every now and then.



If you need a plumber you call a plumber, not someone who says they can fix pipes. When you need an electrician, you call an electrician; not someone who ‘knows a thing or two about wiring’. When you need a furniture removalist you should call a company that has a proven track record, not someone who has a ute and a day off.

Movers Who Don’t Get Along With Other Professionals

If you have ever visited a busy and active construction site it can be a very impressive scenario. There are multiple different professions all working in the same area, coming together to finish off the same project.

The clear goal that all of the tradies on the construction site are trying to achieve is to have built a new house that the owner will be proud of. To have built not only a building, but the centre point for a lifestyle. Multiple workers in one place making sure that they respect each other, and that they all work together to make sure that they can get the job done.

In a similar way when you decide to physically shift the centre of your lifestyle, also known as your home, there are often a lot of professionals involved. You may have a handyman putting in the extra shelves, or pulling apart a built in wardrobe; or a cleaner making sure that the end of term clean is going to be done on time. In all of these situations you want to make sure that you hire removalists who are going to make everyone’s job possible.

You may be surprised to know that this is not always the situation house movers find themselves in.

Perhaps its the generally accepted social etiquette that when someone is carrying something that you make way for them; perhaps it is the ‘rough neck attitudes’ of some house movers; either way they often do not play well with others.

It is important to your cleaners that the removalists wipe their feet well before they walk on the carpet, yet this extra level of courtesy is the sign of a professional removalist and not so much the industry standard.

Before you book removalists, ask them if they have policies, expectations or experience in working with other professionals in the same work space.



To read more about some alarming trends that our industry is facing, have a look here.







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