Major Concerns When Moving Interstate

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It’s confirmed – Australians are actively moving to other states!

Latest statistics reveal that there are thousands upon thousands of interstate moves made each year. Further research reveals that some people are seeking parts of the country that will allow them to rest from the hustle and bustle of city living and seek retirement-friendly destinations that are closer to family and loved ones. While others just want to move to more affordable homes and less expensive costs of living.

Are you one of those thousands who is faced with the opportunity to do the same, but is afraid of getting overwhelmed by the prospect of moving interstate?

We understand. Moving homes can cause a lot of stress, in fact, just the thought of doing so to a nearby city or town can already cause anxiety levels to rise – what more speculating an interstate move!

But here’s some good news, it’s not such an insurmountable feat. All you need to know to make your move remarkably seamless is right on this page.

Searching For Your New Home

Searching for a new home will be the biggest hurdle you’ll have to overcome when moving interstate. This is largely due to the distance, of course. The decision to buy a home is a major one, so it would be prudent to look for homes in person and not rely on aerial shots from the internet.

Intercept This Obstacle

You can enlist the help of friends or family members who live near the area you want to move into. Just provide them with a complete list of what you prefer and how much your budget range is. It’s quite a common occurrence, and people manage by frequently going on video calls to communicate.

We recommend renting before buying, though. You want to get a lay of the land first, see which areas will work to your advantage and which areas you need to avoid. You also don’t want to rush into buying such a huge investment without looking at the property yourself.

Note real estate regulations in the new area, too because standard periods for renting may vary, as well as bond amounts and advance payments.

The Long Drive

The typical move can last a day, but an interstate move can take as long as a week! This will take a toll on your budget as well as exhaust your energy, not to mention your spouse’s, kids’, and pets’.

It can be quite expensive, too! Consider the cost of taking a week-long trip – gas, meals, accommodations, and more and think about whether your budget will be up for it.

Preparation is Key

If you’re considering taking that long drive, make sure you have your car serviced before the day of your move and take plenty of rest the night before, so you’re well-prepared for the imminent travel.

However, we do advise against driving interstate. Take a flight out and arrange for vehicle and pet transport, so you don’t have to go through an exhausting week of driving and the inconveniences of making frequent stops for meal and toilet breaks.

Finding The Right Removalist

Doing the move yourself can be tempting and may sound cheaper than engaging the services of professional movers, but if you start adding up everything, you’ll realise you’ll not only be spending a lot more but you’ll also be constantly stressed out from micromanaging every little detail of your move.

Be Proactive

When looking for removalists, start seeking those that are based in the state you’re moving to as this can result in a less expensive move. Here are pertinent questions to ask your prospective removalist.

Complete Removals is a one-stop shop that offers all the services you’ll need: from packing your belongings, offering storage solutions, to moving them interstate. They even offer office relocations and a FREE and convenient service called ‘CR Connect’ where they’ll update all your utilities in no time.  

Seek out trustworthy, reliable removalists who will guarantee you a stress-free move and be very cautious of falling into the trap of seemingly cheaper offers that will make you realise too late that you’re getting hidden charges and, worse, a low quality of service.

The Amassed Baggage

Moving means having to pack and organise all of your belongings and transporting them to another state. Bringing a lot of baggage with you can mean a lot of additional costs as well. The farther and the longer they are in transit, the higher the risk of damage, so it’s important to take out insurance for your peace of mind.

De-Clutter The Old House

This is the perfect opportunity to de-clutter the old house: hold a garage sale or give away some stuff you can do without, or throw away the useless ones and take only the things you need.

You can also make use of the professional packing service that Complete Removals offers so you know unpacking them in your new home will be a breeze. You can also send some to storage depending on your accommodations in the new location and also if your move is only a temporary one.

Transporting Vehicles

If you’ve decided on flying to your new home and leaving the rest of your belongings in your friendly removalist’s capable hands, the next question you’ll be asking is, ”What about the car?”

Just like your belongings, your car can also be transported to your new location by hiring vehicle transportation services. Just be sure to empty your car and not stock it with your smaller possessions as some transport services will prohibit this.

Plan Ahead

There are many car transport services available in Australia so we encourage you to plan and get quotes from the reputable ones. This way you’ll be able to find out beforehand about delivery options and dates, warranty options, inspection procedures, contract terms and conditions, and how communicative your carrier will be.

Quarantine Laws

Australia implements strict Quarantine laws that you may encounter when moving interstate. These laws are in place so that pests, diseases, and weeds are prevented from spreading to different parts of the country. There are specific rules catering to travellers, especially movers, to minimise the risks to Australia’s agricultural markets and unique environments.

Research Your Way Ahead

We recommend checking the Australian interstate quarantine rules so you’re aware of the restrictions set against carrying certain plants, agricultural equipment, and animals or animal products and how to better prepare your trip for the upcoming move.

Organise The Move

There are many more details you’ll have to look into once you arrive in your new location such as getting your car registered and updating its insurance policy. If you have kids you’ll need to check out the educational system in the area and the age cutoffs of schools. The list can go on and on.

While our recommendations have told you to prepare everything in advance to make your move smooth, it’s also important to make allowances, especially on the budget side, for unexpected expenses that may be caused by changes in the travel timeframe or higher number of belongings brought along.

Just remember to look at the glass as half full. Despite the seemingly endless things to do, it’s important to think about how you’ll be embarking on a new journey as a family: new places to visit, new faces to befriend, and new experiences to share.

Want to minimise the stress of moving day? Follow this comprehensive guide to guarantee a stress-free move!

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