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Did you know:
Most interstate moving companies on the internet will sell your move to someone else?
It’s true and is one of the ugliest progressions our once great industry has gone through


The Problem

What happens next:

  1. They distribute your quote out to 3-5 so-called removalists for a tidy profit or
  2. They call around and find the most suitable removalist (generally cheapest so they maximise their own profit)
  3. They palm the job off and wipe their hands of it and the train wreck completely.
  4. These businesses dont care about quality or your move and the damage that is done because they arent involved in the move
  5. The so-called removalists that buy your work dont go through any certification or any screening for that matter. Most (not all) are very ordinary movers that run one of two stretegies…
  6. They either Burn and Churn or Bait and Switch their customers, or often do both. This happens on a significant number of interstate moves.
  7. Shocked? Don’t take our word for it, check online reviews to see for yourself.

Why do we tell you this?

We are doing our part to clean up and revolutionise our industry for the better and we have an excellent solution

The Solution
Ask the right questions and expose hidden tricks and nasty tactics


15 Critical Questions you must ask before hiring your removalist

This report will arm you with the questions you NEED to ask in order to feel comfortable you make a wise decision. In this FREE report you’ll learn:

  • How to avoid becoming a target
  • How to avoid nasty and very costly mistakes
  • How to identify misleading information
  • How to avoid confrontation with unethical removalists

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and start to get some certainty about who you are dealing with

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Example question inside the book:

Question #3:
“How many theft claims have been filed against your company?”

Theft is another major issue with moving companies, because of the transient nature of many of the workers. It’s your right to know if the people entrusted with your belongings have had theft claims filed against them, so don’t be shy!

BONUS TIP: We recommend you also use the greatest free resource you have available to you to do a little background research on the company you’re considering: the World Wide Web! Do a few quick searches online – customers who have had to file theft claims against companies will often post reviews online, and it won’t take you long to find them, if they have.

At Complete Removals, we are proud to say we have never had a theft claim filed against our company!

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How to Choose the Best Interstate Removalists in 2014


Step 1

Get a clear understanding of yours, and your family’s needs and desires. Then arm yourself with the right questions and information before contacting movers. This step only takes an hour and can save you from a horrifying and expensive experience.

Step 2

Book in-home inspections and get quotes from 1-3 credible interstate moving companies that have transaprency, proven results and friendly communications to ensure you can articulate all of your needs and wants comfortably and without hesitation.

Step 3

Choose your mover based on value and get a contract in writing, with all fine print clearly defined.

Bonus Tip* Never choose the cheapest mover and never select an interstate mover that doesn’t come out and sight your home prior to quoting! 95% of the time your quote will be inaccurate and your move will be very, very difficult and stressful.

A Stress-Free Interstate Move
With over 15 000 Successful Moves, we have Proof our 25 Point Stress-free Moving System Works


“Strong and steady on their feet, only use Complete!”

Amanda Piper
Owner of Sugar and Spice Cakes, Millswood

Just a few of the features of our service:

  • Adelaide’s only certified drugfree removalists
  • Female Freindly accredited
  • Friendly, highly trained removalists who are bonused on excellent performance

Our proven system has many benefits:

  • Feel comfortable you are in good hands
  • Experience complete Peace of Mind
  • Have 100% clarity over the process
  • Certainty of price, who to expect and quality
  • Excellent value for money

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