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When it comes to packing your entire house hold contents into boxes and moving to a new place, many people investigate the idea of buying professional removal boxes and get disheartened by the price.

Whilst it can be tempting to use the packing materials as an opportunity to save on your move, there are several reasons why you may want to reconsider heading down to your local shopping centre and getting some old boxes from Bunnings, Dan Murphies and the like.

Professional Removal Cartons are Safer

A professional moving box is double corrugated cardboard and is extremely thick and durable, which makes it the ideal place to be storing all of your breakables and precious items during transit. In fact, a properly packed moving box can withstand a great deal! If you have a look at our page dedicated to professional box packing tips you will find our CEO Corey Smith showing exactly how strong a professional moving carton is!

He packs a box full of glassware and then drops it from over his head…… the result will shock you!

Now not all removal cartons are made equally either, and we often move people who have managed to find a great bargain on their boxes. The problem is, that many of these budget boxes are only a single ply of cardboard thick. A single ply cardboard box can often sag or be crushed by the weight of having another box placed on top of it.

By being less rigid, this places your items at risk, and it also increases the chances that a stack of boxes may gradually become unbalanced and fall over completely!

Removal Cartons Have Uniform Dimensions


Loading the back of a truck can be quite a bit like an elaborate game of tetris.

When all of the boxes are the same size as one another, the space fills up easily with minimal manipulation. The benefit to you in all of this is of course the fact that a simpler loading process makes for a faster loading process.

Imagine you are playing a game of tetris, if you consistently had all of the same piece coming through in a row, it would be much easier to stack the blocks easily and know where each piece is going.

This would in turn mean that you could regularly use the function to slam the blocks down faster, which gets it filled up quicker.

The same process is true for when packing a truck, when all of the boxes are the same size and shape as one another, it just makes the entire process easier and faster!


Using Larger Cartons Makes Your Job and Ours Faster

We recently did a survey of previous customers, in which we asked the question:
What was the single worst thing that has happened to you when moving house?… and why did it happen?

we got a very interesting response from someone who was retrospectively regretting their packing methods:

It cost WAAAAY too much, because I used lots and lots of little boxes thinking that they’d be easier to manage. IN a way they are, however, I should have transferred the little boxes into cardboard teachest boxes, would have saved lots of time & I could have unpacked them at leisure.

The problem here is that not only does it take much longer to pack everything into lots of small boxes, as you run out of space so quickly and often can not fit a great arrangement of items into each box. But, it also means that there are a lot more trips back and forth from the house to the truck in order to move all of the boxes.

A removalist trolley (or sack truck) can only carry a set amount of boxes, if they are proper furniture removals cartons they can be stacked quickly and tilted to fit onto the trolley in a perfect fit. When they are smaller irregular shaped boxes they often have to be manually stacked onto the trolley which can take quite a bit longer. Additionally if the boxes are too small, then they can fall in between the bars of the trolley which in turn means that they have to be carried by hand or loaded onto the trolley in a much more intricate way.

The average home can include hundreds of trips back and forth from the home, but when you use small boxes this can increase to a much larger number!

You Can Often Pick Up Second Hand Cartons for a Discount

Since one problem many people face after moving day is “what do I now do with all of these unnecessary boxes”, we offer a complimentary box pick up service. This means that our truck and workers come out after you have finished all of your unpacking and we can take them away free of charge to you. The way in which we balance our wages and fuel bill for this service is to then resell the second hand boxes at a heavy discount!

Another option people have is to bring the boxes back to our office and we will pay a $1 refund for every box, which can bring the price of your cartons down considerably

When you call to get a quote from one of our friendly sales members, it is always worth asking them if they have any second hand boxes available!



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