People love the idea of something new. Moving to a new place is no exception. Who wouldn’t love to gain new experiences, meet new neighbours, and start anew? The process of moving, though, is an entirely different story.

It is a fact that relocating to a new home can be stressful due to a lot of tasks that you need to accomplish within a set timeframe. It is a relief that there are a number of removalist companies that you can choose from. But not everyone can be trusted.

Let me tell you an all-too-familiar story of a customer whose moving company did not show up.

First Impressions Do Not Always Last

He sounded so charming and confident on the phone. He made you feel like you were important. You agreed on a time and a date, and you just knew that this was going to be the right choice.

Still, you can’t stop yourself from entertaining these questions. “What if he isn’t as friendly as he seemed? Have I made the right decision?”

As the clock ticks closer and closer to the time he is supposed to come, you get a little nervous.

The Dreaded Call To Confirm Your Fears

It is now five minutes past the agreed time, you ask yourself whether it would be too pushy to give him a call and find out where he is. After an hour, you bite the bullet and call.

“Where are you?”
“Sorry love, something came up! I’m not going to make it today. Maybe sometime next week?”

It suddenly becomes apparent that you put your trust in the wrong man. It is moving day and there is no one coming to help you. The settlement is in a few hours, and you are now forced to call around like crazy, in order to find someone who can get the job done today.

Ways Unreliable Removalists Can Deceive Unsuspecting Customers

There are many reasons why a removalist becomes a no-show.

1. Lying By Omission

The removalist who did not turn up may tell you that their truck broke down. They may also say that their staff has not turned up for work or has been injured. More often than not, this is a cover-up for a dishonest and untold reason.

The harsh reality is that they probably didn’t show up because an earlier job turned out to be larger than they originally expected so it took them longer to finish and therefore, could not accommodate you.

2. Lying Outright

Sadly, there are a lot of operators out there who will quote your job as cheap as possible to ensure that they have enough work booked in for the future.

But once they are satisfied that they have enough work to cover the bills, they will then start quoting higher rates on days that they are actually already booked out. They even double-book their trucks!

It makes sense to them that they would do the higher paying or more lucrative job rather than yours. This is the burn-and-churn business model that is the spurn of our industry.

3. Complete Disregard

Unfortunately, some removalists do not even bother to inform you of the reason why they are not able to do their job and will simply ignore you and your calls.

There Is Hope

Over the years, we have received countless calls from people who have been left in this predicament by the less scrupulous operators within our industry. Complete Removals have responded to a lot of calls when the original removalists did not show up.

The difference lies in our dedication and professionalism. Our company is large enough that we have other trucks that can be diverted if something unfavourable comes up. We also have a large pool of highly-skilled workers who can step-up when needed.

We Will Always Have Your Back

Complete Removals is a highly respectable and professional moving service in the industry. We will be there for you and will have your back all the time. We believe that our word is our bond. You can count on us. Our yes will always mean yes!

Do you want to be assisted by reliable and competent removalists on your move? Call us today!