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This can occur when a client has bought and sold a house in which the transfers take place on the same day at the same time. 95% of the time this will happen on a Friday. They are a frustrating problem because if we arrive too early or if weoverestimate the loading time then we will be at the delivery address with no keys to access the property. This results in a customer being charged for their removalists to wait out the front of a house and not be working. On the flip side if we arrive too late or we have under judged the loading time, and are still loading at the pick-up address when the new owners arrive with their removalist (whom they’re paying) then we are costing them money while their removalists stand around doing nothing. Our solution for this will vary depending on job size. For Small half day jobs we suggest that you ring the agent that sold your house, ask the agent to ring the people that purchased their house and ask when they intend to move in, as they may not want to move in until late afternoon or  the Saturday due to work reasons, if this is the case then problem solved. If not we have to look at starting mid-morning which is where our new scheduling systems benefits you. We have to know what date you’re moving in order to know what we can offer. For large 3/4 to all day jobsit is not much of a problem unless the agent has told you that the keys will not be available until late afternoon, e.g. 1.30 onwards. The plan here is to start in the morning and by the time we get the furniture and household effects on and have a lunch break the keys should be available.

Most people chuck out the original boxes they come in. You need not worry as these TV’s are in every house these days, they are as common as a fridge and the guys have all their packing techniques for these items down pat, they know how to deal with them because they do it every day.  What we can do is provide a free picture pack and sleeve this over the screen. This then gives the protection of strong cardboard over the sensitive screen and then we will wrap the whole thing with our thick felt padding. This is a very safe technique for moving these types of screens.

We don’t charge any extra surcharges for stairs but they do add some time to the move, so it does cost more in the extra time spent managing them. One way to really reduce this extra time is to minimise the amount of small fiddly gear that have to travel via the stairs. These items include bags, baskets, small picture frames, boxes and any other similar type of items.

When you are booked we will send out a confirmation and moving pack that will give you all the information you need for a successful move, also it may be worth purchasing our Moving Reminder Schedule that reminds you via email what your specific tasks are at what stage leading up to your move.

If it is a Top loader, yes it’s fine because we will just trolley it out the house. Over under fridge freezers are different, these are the ones that are freezer on the top and fridge on the bottom. The fridge must always be emptied, either into a box or a esky, the freezer can be left full but only if it has strong seals. Any glass or fragile gear has to be removed from within. The removalist will trolley the fridge/freezer with the doors hanging down so the door won’t fly open but if the seals are no good the door will still open and drop out the contents onto the floor, frozen patties will always roll a long way. The removalist on the day will need be the judge of this. Double door fridge freezers have to be emptied; they are just too heavy full.

Yes you can but there are a few factors to keep in mind, the more time you spend on preparation the faster and saferwe can perform the relocation, this mainly includes packing absolutely everything into boxes that will fit. To make it easier to understand, light furniture is easier and safer to move, if the draws are full we can still move it but we will move just a little bit slower and the furniture cannot be held as steady (as heavy furniture sways and rocks when being held). We can pull the draws out if the item is too heavy and then carry them out separately, then putting them back in the furniture once in the truck (and vice versa at the other end), it just adds time. Another tip, keep in mind the fact that some furniture has weak legs that are potentially unable to handle excess weight when tipped on a 45º angle to carry.

Yes they will; but sometimes it is recommended to put them in one or two central locations within the house, the idea behind this is that when the truck is fully unloaded it reduces the clutter throughout the house. This allowes you to move more freely when unpacking everything. If there are too many boxes distributed into the rooms it may force the guys to double handle the boxes in order to place furniture where it belongs. People change their minds all the time on where they want furniture to stay. If they have for example intended to put a bed in a particular corner of a room, then we would stack all the boxes in the other corner. Then if the client changes their mind as to the bed’s location then we have to move all the boxes again.

It is no problem for us, but it adds unnecessary time making it cost more. It also can make it hard to unpack boxes into draws, wardrobes and wall furniture. What I suggest is to pick a location in each side of the house and distribute all the boxes to the end that is closest to its actual spot, especially when dealing with a 2 storey house, put upstairs boxes up and down stairs boxes down.

Our workers will work in the rain and are used to it, if it is absolutely hammering down we then go on with undercover work, eg. Unpadding furniture, folding pads, disassembling/assembling beds or furniture or creating stacks and carrying bundles, they won’t stand around doing nothing, they will make sure you get your money’s worth. If it is raining the only items you need to really worry about getting wet is the electrical gear or goods made with any fabrics eg mattresses and couches and all we do is either wait for the rain to back off or cover it with a pad, we can sell you plastic covers for furniture if needed. Any other items that get wet can be just wiped off with a towel and at least the furniture will get a bit of a clean after being moved, Ha Ha!

Mondays and Fridays are normally the busier days but we only need a weeks notice for any day but a Friday (excluding the peak seasons), if booking for a Friday to be safe give us at least 2 weeks. If you like what you hear about our services you should book straight away to secure an excellent company. We are always busy and anyone that is good at what they do always is. Because we have many trucks we can work around you if you give short notice to move, we just ask you give us as much as possible.

Our workers are highly experienced in pulling things apart and putting them back together, and we do carry tools, but it is time consuming and sometimes can take ages, especially with round Trampolines and swing sets because the bolts rust outside making it really hard to do without rounding nuts. Another thing that takes ages is IKEA furniture, they can only be pulled apart so many times before they start to deteriorate. For example I pulled apart an IKEA bunk once and it took half an hour just to pull apart and a bit longer to put back up, and all the screws and nuts were rounded and not tight. In the interests of saving you money we recommend you do it prior to moving; if you can’t then we are more than happy to do it.

There is a famous saying The Bitterness of poor service lingers long after the sweet taste of a cheap price!

We have low overheads, and have a constant work schedules and one thing we know is you can’t charge much less than what we do and still provide the sort of employees that you should get. There is an obscene amount of removal companies out there that use cheap, inexperienced labour that are getting paid cash under the table and sitting at home on the dole for most of their time. These are the same men that enter your home, deal with your family and handle all your most treasured possessions, they have very little or no handling experience and for that matter don’t care about the business they work for or the clients they move. There are countless people that have moved with these types of businesses that regret and are even horrified by what they experienced and the Consumer Affairs programmes have exposed dozens of dodgy removalists. These companies still trade here in Adelaide and they normally charge stuff all, until they get to the job where the charges change(thats right, they change the goal posts half way through the game), and they normally have heartless, remorseless but convincing sales people answering their phones. A strange or generic business name is normally a good indicator. Now you may be lucky and get a good cheapy but they are very rare and there is a huge risk involved in engaging one of these companies. This is not a scare tactic but simply the truth. Supporting cash businesses pulls our country apart from the inside and even though it may be cheaper today, it is more costly for our future and the future of our kids.

We on the other hand are wholly and solely client orientated, and our goal is referral, referral, referral. The best way to do that is to do whatever the client needs to be happy with their move and not charge the earth for it. Our employees have full time jobs, they all have a wealth of experience and have the right equipment to get it done properly. Plus our business is Quality Endorsed which basically means we have to do the right thing by people and have the correct systems in place to make sure the job does get managed properly also. We have a website with a lot of photos that proves everything I am saying, a picture tells a million words and it has more information about our history, our attributes and about moving home. To sum this up we don’t price match because we provide more,we are not comparing apples with apples, and one thing never to be forgotten, the cheapest hourly rate doesn’t equal the cheapest final price, an inexperienced man cannot do the job as fast and definitely not as safe as a full time professional, so we may cost a bit more per hour but it will get done faster which brings the total chargeable hours down.

I recommend ringing them back and asking detailed questions about their insurance (if they provide it), ask for a guarantee of the employees names that are coming to do the move, ask for a website that has pictures of their trucks. Ask them for some letter head based testimonials for you to site, letter head meaning actual originals and not fraudulent ones. Detailed questions(scrutinising) will normally spur on their true nature anyway and this will lift the smoke screens. We can provide all of these without issue.

I apologise for the borderline bad-taste manner in which this was written but it is something that is close to the heart for us, especially me and I want people to know what I  know about this part of our industry.

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  17. Drive to your new HOME or storage.
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  19. Pre-delivery preparation to protect floor, walls and your possessions.
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  22. Assistance in setting up your home (e.g. Assembly of furniture)
  23. Final tidy and post move checklist
  24. Customer Satisfaction sign off
  25. Step 5: Post move checkup and feedback call for constant and never ending improvement and performance bonusing for removalists