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When it comes to motivating a team to consistently reach above and beyond; there are many schools of thought. There are so many ways that you can try and instill a culture of over performing, galvanizing your team against the feeling that mediocre or good enough service will be acceptable.

Since we opened our doors in 1998 we have consistently found new and interesting ways to encourage our team to continue surpassing our customer’s expectations again and again.

In the early days this quite often consisted of putting on a BBQ and some beers for the lads at the end of the week to help them know that they were appreciated.

Eventually as our company grew we started implementing a cash bonus system for our employees based upon the feedback provided by each and every client after their move.

At this stage of our history this has manifested to be a monthly cash prize pool for top performers as well as the chance for the top performer for the whole year to win a brand new Harley-Davidson motorcycle!


We Have Always Focussed On Rewarding Positive Experiences Rather Than Punishing the Negatives

From the very earliest days of the company the vision has always been to make sure that the truly happy customers bring about a bonus for the top performers, and that our attention is firmly fixed on rewarding the good rather than simply responding to the negative.

Any organization can bring in punishments for actions that leave customers less than happy, but it takes a great deal more effort and initiative to actively find out where the positive stories are and then rewarding the removalists who have been keeping their customers as happy as possible.

in order for us to develop this even further we had to set up a solid system for:

  • Gaining customer feedback on each and every job
  • Recording and tracking the removalists who are wowing their customers
  • Finding ways to showcase these top removalists as role models to the rest of our crew
  • Finding ways to show the appreciation that will keep motivation high

Anyone who has moved with us will be able to tell you about our complete moving concierge service that encompasses multiple touch points before during and after every single move.

An integral part of our team’s motivation is being able to look back at the end of each week, month and year and have an understanding of just how happy each team member has been keeping their clients.

At the end of each month the top 5 team members receive cash prizes.

1st wins them $1000

2nd wins them $700

3rd wins them $450

4th and 5th wins them $100

At the end of the year, the absolute top performer gets to ride out of the depot on a brand new Harley-Davidson!

You can rest assured when you move with Complete Removals, we are going above and beyond each and every time to find new ways to inspire only the best from out team!


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Dr Andrew Wing - January 7, 2017 Reply

Can I please nominate our team today, Carlos and Clint! They were just awesome!!! Super hot weather didn’t slow them down, they were machines, careful, helpful, courteous. A credit to your business and should be rewarded!!

    Joshua Ballard - February 9, 2017 Reply

    Hi Andrew, Thank you very much for your kind words! I’ll make sure this gets passed along to Clayton (Our Operations Manager) so he can do something nice for them!

Steven Bruce Hocking - April 12, 2017 Reply

Tim and Clayton! Very professional.They went out of there way to complete the task.It seems they always handle every unforeseen problem as if it was no big deal..Very experienced unlike others I have used , Diligent Courteous and confident. They must love their jobs.I was recommended by another company as they found my move to complicated.Complete bent over backwards to accommodate me with very little notice . I had last minute settlement problems and there Sales team bent over backwards to fit me in.No hidden costs up front and competitive.
Very Very happy with the whole move!!

Monica Leonard - November 16, 2018 Reply

Dear Neil,
I wish I had accepted your quote! I went for a cheaper option and I’m still dealing with all the problems associated with another firm.
My mistake.

    Joshua Ballard - November 16, 2018 Reply

    Sorry to hear you are having problems there Monica!

    Unfortunately this isn’t the first time we have been contacted to say someone didn’t accept our quote and had problems!

    I truly hope everything works out for you.

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