The cheapest day to book a removalist will always be Monday to Thursday, this is because the most popular day to move is generally a Friday or Saturday. Sundays are certainly an option, but they are a very expensive one due to the penalty rates that our employees earn. People often don’t want to take time off of work to move house, thus making the weekend a much more popular time to move. The convenience of a weekend move often outweighs the financial perks of a midweek move; thus adding to the popularity! In our experience Fridays have also always seemed to be the most common time for a settlement to take place.


In the same way that your local restaurant probably offers a Tuesday night special, we offer a weekday special. The restaurant knows that statistically speaking Tuesday nights are the least popular night for people to eat out; they counter this dead period by adding a financial incentive for people to choose a Tuesday. In the same way, we offer a financial incentive for people to book their removals on a weekday. This means that our schedule can be more evenly spaced across the week.


Why is it better for me if your schedule is more evenly spread?

By having our schedule spread evenly across the week this means that we can employ professional removalists and provide them with stable employment. The alternative would be to employ large numbers of employees, all of whom only get one or two days’ work each week with us; this business model can only survive with transient labor and a high staff turnover. Translated: This means inexperinced labour handling your treasured possessions. Read The 5 Most Dangerous Trends in Moving for more detailed information on how this problem may affect you.


The benefit to you in having a dedicated professional removalist doing your house move (as opposed to someone who just does it on the weekends sometimes) is that you are hiring a professional team of highly experienced removalists. Without stable employment for our removalists – we would not be the the company we are. At the time of writing this article, our team hold a 98.6% Excellence Score based on customer feedback for every single move we perform. This means there is no risk, no surprises and no damage. You can rest easy knowing your goods and your move are safe with us. Very Safe!

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