img-looking-for-talentLooking for talent

We are always on the hunt of talent, whether it be Offsiders, Drivers or Office staff with very specific talents.

It is always our goal to hire employees that have that drive to succeed

  • That success may be always impressing our clients with your handling and/or loading skills
  • The success of showing your employers that you are excelling where you are and capable of taking on more responsibility
  • The success of being the best at what you do in your field
  • Or simply the success of just doing the very best that you possibly can at all times

If you strive for any of these points then you are a prime candidate to work with us. One thing we will say is past experience with a reputable company does give you a head start.

Excellent working conditions

One thing that Corey has always excelled at is providing a reliable and guaranteed income for all of his employees, in a industry where work is up and down, and companies treat their workers like they are completely expendable, Complete Removals will continue to work hard to provide satisfying jobs for our most important resource, you.

In the New Year 2010 our employment conditions will improve once again. We will be introducing the following

  • Overtime pay for our removalists
  • A FREE hot or cold breakfast for our removalists in the morning before they leave for work
  • A rewards program for time served with excellent performance
  • Flexible working hours. We are ok if you cannot work full time, we just need to know in Advance what you can and can't do.

Tips - Because of our low price and quality service we get abnormal amounts of tips from Happy Clients, you as the removalists are the ones who benefit from that because you get to keep them.

Gratitude and pride - More important than anything. We provide an excellent service to people at a time when they are worried about moving home and expecting some catastrophe. Once you have shown them that we have it under control they will show you a lot of gratitude and frequently comment on being impressed. When people are impressed, pride will follow and pride breeds more pride and self esteem with it and it will help you be better in every part of your life.

A ladder to success - We are well aware that nearly all Removals Companies provide dead end jobs and we strive to be different. Our removalists need to have job that will lead to somewhere eventually, that's one of the reasons why we are diversifying and expanding so we can provide New Roles for our long standing employees. We have multiple employees that have proven this already.

photo-team-ben-dazWorking your way up

Ben Ballard is now the General Manager and is proof that working hard with us for long enough will lead a career. He started out as an offsider and took on a stint in each role our company has on our ladder to the top. There are more positions with responsibility becoming available as our company grows and our place in the market is quality without the hefty price tag and we need excellent employees to deliver that service.


Next year we are going to introduce a new training program to sharpen and broaden our employee's skills. This training will involve

  • Specialised Pre Packing training
  • Customer PR skills and communication
  • Loading and unloading using Mezzanine floors
  • High level Furniture Handling
  • Our systems for working within a tight unit to lift our overall level as a team

Along with the training will come the benefits of diversified skills which will broaden the scope of the work you can conduct, this will help for more secure income and improved worker morale.

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