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We had some pretty funny email correspondence this week!


Here’s an email recieved by one of our moving coordinators:


Hi again Steven,

So today a friend’s brother offered to bring the aforementioned couch to us in his caged trailer. Halfway along the southern expressway, the retention straps failed and the lounge was ejected from the back of the trailer at great speed. So now our new couch is completely ruined, and as we speak, half of the upholstery is undoubtedly making its inaugural migration across the southern Fleurieu.

I suppose that this is a prime lesson in how not to trust friends with trailers, and certainly the next time we decide to move some furniture, we’ll be hiring professionals such as yourselves to do it for us.

Obviously, I unfortunately don’t require your services any further. I hope that this news will however make you laugh as it will for me, once my wife has left the room.

All the best, and thanks for your time and consideration,



Now Mack certainly had a way with words and descriptions; I had half a mind to hire him to start writing articles for us.

Any task in life is about assessing risk and asking yourself what could potentially go wrong and how much time and effort am I willing to spend for the potential gains available?

Hiring professional furniture removalists is about easing your mind of:

  • figuring out what all the risks are
  • having to ever send an email like Mack here

As much as Mack’s wife leaving the room may be laughable; it doesn’t have to be this way!



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